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Philip Morris Companies

Philip Morris USA (PM USA), a part of Altria Group, Inc., is the leading cigarette manufacturer in the U.S. Our core business is manufacturing and marketing the best quality tobacco products to adults who use them. Our brands include Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Basic and Parliament.

Philip Morris USA is the nation’s leading cigarette manufacturer and for more than 20 consecutive years has had the highest revenues, income, volume and market share among U.S. tobacco companies.


  • 2002 marked the 100-year anniversary for our company. Philip Morris & Co., Ltd. incorporated as a small tobacco company in New York City in 1902. In 1960, Philip Morris was the smallest among the six major tobacco companies in the U.S. By 1983, Philip Morris USA had become the largest cigarette company in the country.
  • The Company’s goal is to be the most responsible, effective and respected developer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer products, especially products intended for adults. Its core business is manufacturing and marketing the best quality tobacco products to adults who use them. Philip Morris USA supports its mission by proactively engaging with its stakeholders to enhance its ability to act in a way that is consistent with society’s expectations of a responsible company.
  • Michael Szymanczyk, 56, serves as the Chairman and CEO of Philip Morris USA.

Offices and Facilities

Philip Morris USA Inc. offices and facilities include headquarters, manufacturing, processing and support facilities in the Richmond, Virginia area; a manufacturing facility in Cabarrus County, North Carolina; sales offices crisscrossing the U.S. and an office in The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The company employs about 12,000 people. Philip Morris USA Inc. headquarters is located in Richmond, Virginia. The parent company of Philip Morris USA, Altria Group, Inc, is located in New York, New York. Approximately 6,000 employees work in central Virginia.


Philip Morris USA brands include Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Parliament, Basic, Benson & Hedges, Merit, Alpine, Cambridge, Bristol, Daves, Chesterfield, Collector's Choice, Commander, English Ovals, Lark, L&M, Players and Saratoga. The Company’s retail share for the second quarter of 2006 led the industry at 50.5%.

Community Involvement

  • In 2005, we awarded 165 grants to eligible non-profit organizations across the United States. The majority of those contributions were focused in our headquarters and plant communities of Richmond, VA and Cabarrus County, NC.
  • The Philip Morris Employee Community Fund was established in response to employees’ desire to be more actively involved in the communities where they live and work. The fund allows employees and other interested donors to make charitable contributions that are combined to benefit nonprofit organizations. In 2005, the fund distributed $4 million to 134 organizations in the Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC areas. In addition, employees provided thousands of hours in volunteer service projects across the country.

Current Brands

Former Brands

Consumer Help: Send a letter to Consumer Affairs at Philip Morris U.S.A.,
Consumer Affairs, 120 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

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