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Brand Players (American version)

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John Player founded his tobacco company in the mid-19th century in Nottingham, England. It was expanded later into a thriving cigarette manufactory (based at the Castle Tobacco Factories in Radford, Nottingham - just west of the city centre) and run by his sons, John Dane Player and William Goodacre Player.

In 1901, in response to competitive threats from the USA, the Players' business was merged in to the Imperial Tobacco Group (headquartered in Bristol and including other companies such as WD & HO Wills). However, Player's cigarettes retained their own identity (in brands such as 'Navy Cut', 'No.6', 'John Player Special' and 'Gold Leaf') with their distinctive logo of a smoking sailor in a 'Navy Cut' cap.

The American version of Players (without the apostrophe) is produced by Philip Morris U.S.A.