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Brand Carnival

Carnival cigarettes are produced in South Korea by KT&G Corporation (Korean Tobacco & Ginseng) , king size (85 mm) or long (100 mm), soft or hard pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack. The Menthol 100's have a refreshing flavor that can be characterized as being slightly minty. One user found them to be an economic alternative to the harsh Newports (Lorillard, USA) he used to smoke. Also, Carnival Menthol 100's will retain their flavor for several days if stored appropriately. Currently (fall 2009, USA) Carnival cigarettes cost from $4.50-$4.75 in retail convenience stores, however, on the Internet they can be found for an average of $3.00 per pack of 20 smokes (that includes shipping). In Korea, a pack costs roughly US$2.56.

KT&G's products are made of 70% local leaf, 30% imported leaf.

The American version of Carnival was produced by Philip Morris, and introduced in 1968.

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