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Forsyth Tobacco Products

Forsyth Tobacco Products is a division of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which was formed in 1987. They produce private-label cigarette brands that are sold by agreement for specific accounts in various parts of the country.

Cigarette Ingredients

  • Forsyth Tobacco Products' use of cigarette ingredients is guided by the principle of achieving the desired taste characteristics by using the minimum amount of additives. Forsyth Tobacco Products does not -- and will not -- use any cigarette ingredient if scientific methods and tests indicate that it will increase the inherent toxicity of tobacco smoke.
  • Tobacco additives have been used in cigarettes throughout the history of cigarette manufacturing. The majority of these ingredients (such as cocoa and sugars) are used to enhance aroma and flavor. Others are used to enhance the sensory aspects, including taste, associated with the smoke (such as menthol), facilitate tobacco processing and cigarette manufacturing (such as carbon dioxide and water), and preserve moisture levels in the finished cigarette (such as water and glycerin).
  • Since 1985, the major tobacco companies have annually provided to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) a list of all ingredients added to tobacco in the manufacture of cigarettes. HHS is required to notify Congress of any concerns it has with any ingredients on the list.

Current Brands

Former Brands

  • Best Choice
  • Cost Cutter
  • Director's Choice
  • Extra Value
  • Monaco
  • Premier
  • Price Master
  • Quality Smokes
  • Slim Price
  • Valu Time
  • Value & Quality
  • Value Sense

Brands: Austin, Bargain Buy, Beacon, Best Choice, Best Value, Bonus Value, Brentwood, Cavalier, Charter, Cimarron, Citation, Courier, Director's Choice, Extra Value, First Choice, Focus, Gold Coast, Highway, Jacks, Legend, Marker, Monaco, Mustang, Pilot, Premier, Price Master, Quality Smokes, Scotch Buy, Sebring, Signature, Slim Price, Smoke 1, Smoker Friendly, Stockton, Sundance, Tempo, Tri Brand, Valu Time, Value & Quality, Value Pride, Value Sense, Worth.
Official site: Consumer Help: Forsyth Tobacco Products, Winston-Salem, NC 27102.

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