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R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (R.J. Reynolds) is the second-largest tobacco company in the United States, manufacturing about one of every three cigarettes sold in the country.

R.J. Reynolds is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc. (NYSE: RAI). Reynolds American (RAI) is also the parent company of Conwood Company LLC., Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc., Lane Limited and R.J. Reynolds Global Products, Inc.

The Company At A Glance R.J. Reynolds has approximately 30 percent of U.S. cigarette sales. The company offers products in all segments of the market, and makes five of the nation's 10 best-selling cigarette brands: Camel, Kool, Winston, Doral and Salem.

Headquarters & Facilities

R.J. Reynolds is based in Winston-Salem, N.C.

The company's headquarters is located in the Reynolds Building. Built in 1929, the 20-story building was the South's first skyscraper and later became the model for the Empire State Building in New York City.

R.J. Reynolds' largest plant – Tobaccoville, a 2 million-square-foot facility constructed in 1986 – is located in the town of Tobaccoville, near Winston-Salem. The company's Whitaker Park plant, located in Winston-Salem, was built in 1961 and is about 1 million square feet. The company also has tobacco-sheet manufacturing operations in Chester, Va., and Winston-Salem; leaf operations in Wilson, N.C.; tobacco-storage facilities in Blacksburg, S.C. and Richmond, Va.; and a significant research-and-development facility in Winston-Salem.


R.J. Reynolds has about 6,800 employees – principled, creative, dynamic and passionate people. They are proud of their company's principled approach to marketing a controversial product. And, the company is proud of its employees' determination to overcome business challenges, to always seek better ways to serve adult smokers and to be good corporate citizens.

Brands: Brand Doral , Brand Magna , Brand Monarch ,
Brand More , Brand Now , Brand Salem , Brand Sterling , Brand Vantage , Brand Winston .

Official Consumer Help: Call 800-372-9300 or send a letter to Consumer Affairs
at R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company, Consumer Relations Department,
P.O. Box 7, Winston-Salem, NC 27102.

Current Brands

  • Barclay (formerly made by Brown & Williamson)
  • Belair (formerly made by Brown & Williamson)
  • Best Value
  • Brentwood
  • Camel
  • Capri (formerly made by Brown & Williamson)
  • Carlton (formerly made by the American Tobacco Company)
  • Doral
  • Dunhill International
  • Eclipse
  • GPC (fomerly made by Brown & Williamson)
  • Kamel Red
  • Kool (formerly made by Brown & Williamson)
  • Lucky Strike (formerly made by the American Tobacco Company)
  • Marshall McGreaty
  • Misty (formerly made by Brown & Williamson)
  • More
  • Now
  • Pall Mall (formerly made by the American Tobacco Company)
  • Salem
  • Sebring
  • State Express 555
  • Tareyton (formerly made by the American Tobacco Company)
  • Vantage
  • Viceroy (formerly made by Brown & Williamson
  • Winston

Former Brands

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