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Cigarettes’ encyclopedia - First year of successful work. CigarettesPedia – free cigarettes’ encyclopedia project announced today about its official opening for collectors and other interested people to learn and share articles and images of cigarettes through a web.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2007- The free cigarettes’ encyclopedia project CigarettesPedia is open for editing. Since its creation on 29 th March, 2006, this site has turned to a priceless, unequalled archive, that has more than 30, 000 unique articles and images, organizers say. CigarettesPedia is the free cigarettes encyclopedia which means that anyone with an internet connection can visit the website and edit an article after logging in.

CigarettesPedia is created entirely by volunteers and collectors who contribute, update, and revise articles and images in a collaborative process. “What makes this project original is that it contains centuries-old history of cigarettes and thus it is an inseparable part of human history, and we can create that history together” said one of the CigarettesPedia founders.

For such an open project, some may find it remarkable that many of the articles and images are quite unique and that the project has attracted a large number of collectors. Many participants are attracted to the notion that they are contributing to a completely free resource that can be used worldwide.

What motivates collectors and CigarettesPedians to participate in such an open project? For Albert J.Hauks, a Director of Business Development in Richmond KC Inc., Virginia it is educational, useful and cognitive cigarettes resource “I spent some time, first, trying to determine if it was some kind of industry propaganda operation, but it obviously is not. It's very well done and I’ve never seen such a superior database of cigarettes. And I can contribute all the information on cigarette companies in Israel from 1920 till the present.”

About CigarettesPedia Started in March 2006, CigarettesPedia is the world’s unique, most full, fastest growing and largest encyclopedia of cigarettes. It is created entirely by volunteers from different backgrounds who contribute and update articles and images in a collaborative process. The English language edition contains has more than 30, 000 unique articles and images of rare, exclusive, old and new cigarette boxes. CigarettesPedia content is written for collectors and for a general audience.

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