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Wuhu Cigarette Factory

From 1999, in order to improve its quality management system and change its former passive position in quality management, Wuhu Cigarette Factory formally used ISO9002 Quality Assurance system. Perfectly the various rules of management within the factory, it makes its management system scientifically and standardized. On October 26th 2000, the Assurance Centre of china Produce Quality Association awarded Wuhu Cigarette Factory quality authenticated certificates issued either by China or America, England, Japan, Germany, Canada and other 12 foreign countires. Therefore, Wuhu Cigarette Factory has pared the way to international market after China's entry to WTO.

Company Name : Wuhu Cigarette Factory
Address :
Wuhu china
Wuhu Anhui China
Tel : 86- 800- 8680315
Fax : 86- 553- 4812467
Contact Person: sales manager

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