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Tuckett Tobacco Company

The Tuckett Tobacco Company was founded by George Elias Tuckett in 1857 in Hamilton, Canada West (later Ontario), Canada. Originally manufacturing cigars, the firm branched out into plug tobacco in 1862. Enjoying decent success, Tuckett Tobacco opened a new five-storey factory in Hamilton in 1891, and branched out into cigarette making in 1896. In the early twentieth century, Tuckett acquired control of both the Tobacco Products of Canada, Ltd., and Philip Morris Company Ltd. of Canada.

In 1930, Tuckett itself was bought by Imperial Tobacco Canada, which made it a subsidiary company. Brands which were manufactured by Tuckett after being acquired by Imperial included du Maurier, Peter Jackson, Kool, Buckingham, and Philip Morris. Tuckett's presence in the Canadian tobacco market came to an end in 1966, when Imperial Tobacco closed the Tuckett tobacco plant; production of Tuckett's brands were moved to Imperial's plant in nearby Guelph, Ontario.

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