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Brand hollywood

This year(2001), Brazil has published a law prohibiting the use of descriptors like "light", "ultralight", "mild" and similars on brazilian cigarette brands. This law will come into force from next January on.

In order to prepare their consumer to new ways of comunication related to the ideia of "less harmful brands", tobacco companies has been investing in new strategies such as diferent colors of packagings in the same family of brands.

The last one is in the Hollywood family,a very consumed brand in Brazil, from a Souza Cruz company (brazilian company from BAT group). They have just launched two more different collors of Hollywood brand. So besides the red color related to the regular yields, there are the blue package and the green menthol one.

The new strategy is that blue package comes with a tip of paper device indicating the consumer to pull it. Doing so, the consumer gets a message presenting the new version of the light brand as follows:

" BLUE The pleasure and the mildness in a new and modern package. This is Hollywood Blue, a light version of Hollywood." Cigarettes H