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Brand Zuban 22 Auslese

Zuban 22 Auslese cigarettes are produced in Germany, king size (85 mm), 19 cigarettes in a pack, soft pack.

Vie interest for nicotine-free cigarettes in Germany must be quite old. In May 1939 a "regulation about nicotine- poor and nicor' , ne-free tobacco" was issued. 1, according to that regulation a cigarette with a smoke nicotine content of less than 0.03% of the amount of tobacco burnt was allowed to be declared as nicotine-free in smoke. In September 1974 BATCF launched (nation wide) the first "nicotine-free" brand Auslese (viet tar 6mg, smoke nicotine 0.15mg), Reemtsma started with their "nicotine- free" brand Delta in the Bremen testmarket. The interest of the consumers was tremendous, we had difficulties to produce as much cigarettes as were requested. During the first ten weeks 336 million cigarettes were sold (today that would mean 1. 3% market share) . The brand flopped shortly after introduction because it lacked taste. Shortly after the launch of the two "nicotine-free" brands the German health ministry argued, that the word nicotine-free is misleading consumers and announced the plan that the 1939 regulation will be modified. In the meantime this regulation has been withdrawn. According to our knowledge, as early as 1925 the french monopoly have had a plant for removing nicotine from tobacco (with ammonia, the so-called Schloesinger process, capacity 4.500 lbs/day) and a member of BAT London visited the plant in December 1926 and reported about his visit. BATCF was interested in investigating processes for nicotine removal since the end 50th and does now have the most profound knowledge about it in the group and has a pilot plant for supercritical Coz-extraction for removing nicotine from tobacco.

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