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Brand Yingkesong

Yingkesong is a brand of cigarettes in China, king size (85 mm), 20 cigarettes in a pack, hard pack.

Brand is the flag of an enterprise . Yingkesong based on the best tobacco leaves in China, which has a natural prices of refinement for two years. Only natural essence is added to Yingkesong when it is made. All contributes to the fact, which smooth and fine smoking, it smokes nice and comfortable, gives smokers a sence of transcending the worldly, a sense of returing to refresh nature.

Early in the 1970's, Yingkesong (a famous tree in Huangshan Mountain), regarded as "the first precious and fascinating tree of China" by Premier Zhou Enlai, conquered people of Wuhu Cigarette Factory for its refined elegance and candidity. Thus was Yingkesong, the brand was made. In early 1990's Wuhu Cigarette Factory instilled new elements of national culture connotation into Yingkesong and put out a case-turning product, which was awarded "National Famous Brand Cigarette" that year. In recent years , Wuhu Cigarette Factory continued its brand image construction, regulated the series of Yingkesong products, emphasize its high quality and taste, researched then put out Jingpai (golden) Yingkesong, Lu(green) Yingkesong, and Jiping(best quality) Yingkesong. This was how Wuhu Cigarette Factory expanded Yingkesong, the brand, ever since it was produced, the signal tax from Yingkesong amounted to more than RMB 2,000,000,000. Yingkesong won "Anhui Quality Product", "Silver Mental of China First Food Fair", "National Famous Brand Cigarette" etc.

Yingkesong is the best pride of Wuhu Cigarette Factory . Yingkesong -tree of friendship ever green reveals China is a nation of manners. It is because of the rich cultural background presented by Yingkesong that it is always growing with consumers. "Yingkesong" cigarette is the pride of Wuhu people, and the old saying "The tree of friendship will be green forever." Just demonstrates how friendly Chinese people are. With the profound embedding of Chinese culture, "Yingkesong" cigarette will always be among customers' first choice.

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