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Brand Voyager

Voyager is a brand of cigarettes in South Africa, king size (85 mm), 20 cigarettes in a pack, hard pack.

The Chemical content as per notification on packet as follows:

12 mg tar 1.2mg nicotine

How to distinguish between original voyager cigarettes and counterfeit voyager cigarettes:

1.a) The gold ink on original packets fades out from the bottom to the top, and the gold fades out in the center of the 'y' of the word voyager printed on the side of the packet which also indicates the chemical contents. On counterfeit packets a most distinguishable line is noticed just below the tip of the 'r' at the end of this word. The gold ink is also a slightly darker shade than the original. b) At the base of the packet the word voyager has white rimmed shadow around the black ink of the counterfeit boxes towards the bottom left of the letters of the word.

2. Some Counterfeit packets have the words "Trademark owner Sahawi International South Africa" printed below the bar code on the back of the packet.

3. The ink used on counterfeit cigarettes to indicate the name and the emblem is also much darker and slightly larger. The paper used for counterfeit cigarettes is not pure white but has a slight cream coloration. The emblem appearing on each cigarette under the name on the white part of the cigarette has different proportions to the original emblem used. The North East South West arms of the counterfeit emblem is much thicker and more prominent than that featured on the original. [1]

4. Chemical content indications on counterfeit packets indicate 14mg tar, as opposed to the original 12mg tar indicated on original packets.

5. The smoking experience is much different between original and counterfeit, and any person that smokes voyager will immediately notice the difference. The Counterfeit cigarettes has a very strong first draw hit effect on the throat, and has a very strong and bad chemical taste. Smoking the counterfeit cigarettes creates chest tightness and wheezing after two or three cigarettes, as well as irritation and coughing. It is not recommended to smoke the counterfeit cigarettes at all seeming there is no official controlling measures in place to determine what chemical components is used during the manufacture of these cigarettes.

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