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Brand Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina cigar brand was named in honor of Don Alejandro Robaina, who has a property of the best Cuban tobacco growers. He came from a family of tobacco growers who established in the tobacco region of San Luis at the middle of the 20th century. Even nowadays, the area has the finest tobacco plantations and wrapper tobacco in the entire Vuelta Abajo region. Vegas Robaina is the second of two new lines introduced by Habanos S.A. in the 90's. This cigar line was officially launched in Spain, in spring 1997, but made available to the world market in the autumn of the same year. Vegas Robaina cigars are described as a medium-strong blend, characterized by an excellent aroma, wonderful presentation and a fine burn. Almost 30% of the tobacco exported from Pinar del Rio province use Vegas Robaina (Robaina tobacco plantations) wrapper, marking it a tobacco legend.

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