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Brand Taishan

Cigarettes such as "A pen", "Taishan", "Hongtu", "Red Flake". "Hongjin", "Double Horses", "Hatamen" etc are marketed nationally wide and partly exported. "Hatamen" cigarettes were presented with a "National Famous and Excellent Cigarette", which invisible assets are valued at RMB 1.183 billion"; "Red Flake" cigarettes were also presented with a "National Famous and Excellent Cigarette"; "Hongtu" and "Taishan" cigarettes have been evaluated as a "Famous Brand of Qingdao" in the past two years. With the enhancement of the products' technical content and expansion of the sales power of the enterprise , Etsong Qingdao Cigarette Plant is achieving a larger proportion of the products market and a higher rank of good name.
Taishan brand is top grade cigarettes produced by Etsong Tobacco (Group) Corporation Ltd. in Shangdong, China. The trademark is the design of significant TAISHAN scenery with the characteristics of distinct theme and great momentum. The ingredients contain high-quality tobacco leaves and natural essences.

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