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Brand Symphonia

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Brand developments in 1999 included ‘softer’ Symphonia from Hungary, with active carbon filter, and a planned fruity range from Seita in France]. Symphonia brand-manufactured in Debrecen.Symphonia cigarette it is produced since 1923. The World War II was popular on his time, it was not produced until 1957 then. The filter variant appeared in 1972. Later light (blue, filter ventillation) and ultra light (yellow, low-tar filter ventillation) a variant appeared. This was the most popular cigarette in Hungary in 1980. Since 2004 into Imperial Tobacco Poland produces In 4 variants available: Piros (tar.:10 mg/cig, nicotin 0.8 mg/cig.) kék, ( tar:8, nicotine:0.6) sárga,(tar:6 nicotine 0.4)
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