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Brand Sher Bidi

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Sher Bidi is a brand of cigarettes in India, long (100 mm), king size (85 mm) and short (70 mm), 20 cigarettes in a pack, hard and wide flat hard box pack. Sher Bidi cigarettes appeal to adolescents because they are available in a wide variety of flavours—such as fruit, chocolate, and root beer—taste better, are cheaper, and are easier to buy than conventional cigarettes. They contain less tobacco, but they have higher nicotine concentrations than both filtered and unfiltered conventional cigarettes.

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We smoked Sher Bidi some thirty years ago. We were young and exploring smokes from around the world. We shall never smoke them again. Hand rolled, tied with string, they are filled with a crimp-cut tobacco that easily spills from the flared flattened end. They were expensive because imported (ironic, the poor smoke bidi in India), harsh, and caused authorities to think we were smoking marijuana. They are also produced by child labour. -Cowpox