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Brand S.Anargyros

Cigarettes S

S.Anargyros is a brand of cigarettes in USA, short (70 mm), 10 or 20 cigarettes in a pack, wide flat hard box pack.

I have found a flat box for 10 cigarettes from this company with a lot of info and clues on it, no idea of age but appears to be pre 1950. The Brand is TALLY-HO Amber tip cigarettes. In two places it notes these were from Factory No. 7, 3rd District, New York. It also notes S. Anargyros - A Corporation; Capital Stock owned by P. Lorillard Co.

The back advertises "The Super-Cigarette" - "Expressing Tomorrow - today"

The box is red, white, and blue with the line drawing of a coach and four on the front (top).

I am not a collector but feel it should not be tossed into the recycle bin, as there is some history involved.