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Brand Russkij Stil

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Russkij Stil is a new brand of cigarette produced by JT International and manufactured by RJR-Petro in St. Petersburg, Russia. This style of cigarettes have a white perforated filter-mouthpiece similar to Philip Morris' Parliament cigarette filters. Currently, there are four types of Russkij Stil cigarettes available: Russkij Stil (red box, 13mg tar, 1.0mg nicotine, king size 85 mm); Russkij Stil Legkie (lights, blue box, 8mg tar, .7 mg nicotine, king size 85 mm); Russkij Stil Super Legkie (super lights, 4mg tar, 0.4mg nicotine), and Russkij Stil 100s (10mg tar, 0.8mg nicotine, 100mm). All are available in hard packs with 20 cigarettes to a pack. Smokers of this brand claim that Russkij Stil is comparable or better than Benson and Hedges.