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Brand Rondo

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Rondo- The first brand which belongs to the so-called "lights cigarette" group of Tutunski kombinat AD Prilep. Its appearance was a result of the development program in the Company and also the systematic follow up of the international trends in cigarette production, taking direction towards the production of the so-called "light" cigarettes, meaning less tar and nicotine content. It was launched at the beginning of nineties of the last century and immediately became real challenge for a huge number of consumers. It is distinct by the excellent design, carefully chosen tobaccos and non-tobacco materials with top quality, as well as the permanent improvement. In accordance to the further development of the cigarette, in 2004 it has been redesign and renamed with more attractive solutions. The brand is also produced as Super Light version, box and soft and 100s. The separate design is RONDO Export version.