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Brand Prima

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Prima and its closest competitor Priluki are the men cigarettes indeed: 21.5% among smoking men give their preferences to Prima, while only 10.9% smoking women choose this brand of cigarettes. An average age of Prima smokers is 47. Also Prima is preferred by 25.9% of people aged 60-69. Prima is more popular in Western region (29.6% of smokers choose this brand), less popular in Central region (20.7%), even less on the South (15.8%), and even less in Eastern region (13.2%). (in Ukraine)

Most Russian producers failed to catch this trend in time and simply continue to take advantage of favorable post-crisis market conditions, churning out cheap smokes like unfiltered Prima cigarettes. Only a few companies have managed to make the most of the sudden break in competition, large Russian factories like Donskoi Tabak and Balkanskaya Zvezda. Placing their bet on Prima products, they made their way to the top after the crisis and later launched filter cigarettes brands under the same name. Prima is now Russia's top selling cigarette, with almost half of the market in terms of unit sales; the only thing stopping it being a real money-spinner is that it is not a protected brand -- dozens of factories, with varying standards of quality, produce it.