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Brand Picayune

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Picayune cigarettes were produced in USA, short (70 mm), soft pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack.
They were last manufactured by Liggett Group
The pack read "Picayune Extra Mild Cigarettes" "Pride of New Orleans" - The bottom read "Picayune 20's"
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Although it said "Extra Mild" on the pack, they were the strongest cigarette I ever smoked, by far.

Per Luc Sante--Picayune, "the pride of New Orleans," a cigarette that may have been the only American brand made from caporal tobacco, the strong stuff that's used in Gauloises

A Picayune Tale
Having grown up in south Louisiana with New Orleans as my city of birth I was familiar with Picayune cigarettes. In Army Flight School in the early seventies a fellow flight student was smoking a Camel non-filter cigarette outside on the sidewalk one day when a group of us stopped to observe him. He held the cigarette up as we watched and boasted that he'd smoke anything. The next time I went home on leave I bought a pack of Picayune and gave them to him unopened when I returned from leave. I said, "If you'll smoke anything, try these." He took the pack. Four cigarettes later he returned the pack to me saying I could have them back that he didn't want them. That's Picayune cigarettes for you. I was really disappointed when they stopped manufacturing them. I don't smoke, but I wanted to buy a carton to keep in my freezer so I could retrieve a pack anytime I found myself associating with someone who liked to bum cigarettes. I would then offer him/her one of mine all in fun of course. You can Google "Picayune cigarettes" to see a picture of what a pack looked like and find more info on the brand.