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Brand Peter Stuyvesant

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Peter Stuyvesant was first launched in South Africa in 1954 and then internationally in 1957. Now sold in around 55 countries, Peter Stuyvesant is popular in South Africa, France, The Netherlands, Greece, and Malaysia. Smokeless snus is currently being test-marketed under the Peter Stuyvesant brand by our company in South Africa as part of a year-long consumer trial. Imperial Tobacco entered the Australian market in 1999 and shortly afterwards appointed an agency to manage more than $10m worth of BTL marketing activities.70 Peter Stuyvesant, an old and previously successful brand which sank into obscurity in the 1990s, is now being revived as Imperial’s key premium small-soft-pack product, providing a good illustration of re-branding and growth in the absence of ATL. Sizeable risks have been taken to extend the brand’s silver and blue retro styling, which is also reflected in the image based retail advertisements for the brand. Small silver and glass cabinets displaying only the Peter Stuyvesant soft pack range have been installed illegally in places such as cafes where cigarettes are not usually sold, minus the usual health warnings, allowing the brand a glamorous solo presence until detected by authorities.