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Brand Next

Cigarettes N

Philip Morris International has recently launched a new brand of cigarettes called Next to fill the void left when the Malaysian cigarette tax hike priced their flagship Marlboro brand out of the reach of lower income bracket smokers at RM 6.50. Next is the new wave of cigarette brands that retails at RM 4.50 - close to the "old" (pre-tax hike) prices of mid-range cigarettes.

Next cigarettes comes in the standard two established tobacco industry standard types - full flavored and lights (mild). The full flavored packs comes in a darker shade of blue than the lights. The design of Next cigarettes is minimalist, with just a characteristic "streak" down the box aligned with the X of NEXT. The full flavored packs taste like a milder version of Marlboros - and that's not a bad thing at all.