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Brand Medallion

During the summer of 1989, the first packages with new warnings arrived on the market. Tobacco companies chose colour combinations for the warnings that minimized their prominence and blended in with existing package design. On Medallion cigarettes, for example, gold lettering appeared on a yellow background.

The big problem with the first generation of light cigarettes was that smokers noticed that they couldn't get enough nicotine from them to satisfy their craving, unless they changed the way they smoked. "Sucking air" was how many described the experience of smoking Imperial's Medallion brand.

The Canadian version of Medallion was introduced in the mid-1970s; it was manufactured by Imperial Tobacco until 2007, after which it was credited to their Allan Ramsay Ltd. division. The brand’s design has only undergone a couple of changes over the years. The first change came in 2000, with the introduction of the 50 per-cent. picture health warnings, and the second came in 2007, when the terms ”light” and ”mild” were banned from Canadian cigarette packaging. At that time, Medallion Ultra Mild was renamed Medallion by Matinée, grouping the brand in with Imperial Tobacco’s low-tar Matinée brand family.

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In 2008, Imperial Tobacco ceased their Canadian manufacturing operations; today, all of Imperial’s brands (including Medallion) are produced in Mexico and shipped to Canada for sale.

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