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Brand Kosmos

In 1970 the output of DSTF was 20 billion cigarettes. These years filter cigarettes appear. The new equipment is installed on the factory � English machines "M-8". "Rostov" and "Kosmos" cigarettes were put into production. Domestic cigarettes of 1 - 2 classes, ("Kosmos", "Petr I", "Java Zolotaya", "Soyuz Apollon" and others), many of which are produced in Russia at joint ventures with foreign funds, can compete in quality with imported cigarettes and have better sales because of their available prices. Many well known -- and cheap -- Soviet brands such as Pegas, Belomorkanal, Novosti and Kosmos which have never been registered, are also being manufactured by Western companies. Liggett was the leader in this field, concentrating on producing only old Soviet brands, albeit with some efforts to improve quality. Cigarettes K