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Brand Klubowe

For Mr. Butticaz, the main goal in the first year was something basic: how to stop the slide in sales in the increasingly fickle market of the local brand, known as Klubowe. Cigarettes made from domestic tobacco, measuring 2.75 inches or less, still make up 50 percent of the Polish market, with Klubowe the most popular brand, but with slightly falling sales. It's very difficult to tell a Klubowe smoker to smoke Marlboro. It doesn't taste like anything he knows. The cigarette market in Poland has been administratively divided by Privatization Minister Wiesław Kaczmarek. The largest selling brands of cigarettes in Poland, Popularne and Klubowe, will only be produced in two factories. Popularne and Klubowe account for 40 percent of the Polish cigarette market, and at present are manufactured by all tobacco factories in Poland.

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