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Brand Kingsway

Kingsway cigarettes are produced in England, king size (85 mm), hard pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack.
In the summer of either 1960 or 1961 my father, Ken Rees, a hotelier from Tenby, appeared in a Kingsway cigarette advert. The story is that he and his wife Pauline drove from South Wales to Southampton, flew, with the car, to France with Silver City Airline, the car being an Austin Healey 3000, just the thing to drive around the Cote d'Azure. Whilst they were in St. Tropez a film unit asked my father, who had a striking resemblance to Kirk Douglas, if he would like to appear in the advert which, of course, he agreed to. If anyone knows any more about this advert, especially if there is a copy of it somewhere, I would be extremely grateful. Phil Rees,

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