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Brand Joc

Cigarettes of this group refer to Oriental (Moldavian) Blend and are produced in two types of size: round with length 70-80 mm in soft two-layers packet: 'JOC', 'LEANA', 'NISTRU' and oval with length 70 mm in square one-layer packet: 'PLUGARUL', 'RISC'.

In this cigarettes besides classical oriental aromatic tobaccos are used semi-oriental tobaccos from Moldova. These brands are in demand of smokers with low incomes who are get used to smoke cigarettes with rather high content of tar, nicotine and expressed aroma and taste of tobacco smoke which gives to smokers some specific (extreme) feelings as well as full impact and satisfaction from the smoking.

All these brands are specified by modest, unobtrusive design but are claimed on the market and have its customers.

Besides alien aromatic tobacco sorts in blend are used semi-oriental type tobaccos from local Moldavian zones of growing. This product is in demand with different categories of the smokers.

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