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Brand Hongmei

"Hongmei" cigarette is B grade flue-cured type cigarette. It names after the flower Red Plum, which is one of the 10 famous flowers in China and is a symbol of good character. It was first produced in 1969 in the speculation of 70mm in hard pack. In 1980, the filter Hongmei was produced. It is a popular cigarette with consumers in China for its good quality and low price. The cigarette is produced with the local middle quality tobacco leaf and some leaves from other places purified naturally, and the natural essence. . The whole process of production is strictly controlled and checked, which guarantee the stable quality. The filaments of the cigarette are golden and bright; the fragrance is sweet and pure; the taste is agreeable and comfortable; and the ashes are gray. The small packs, 84mm 20 pieces in paper pack, has been accepted by consumers for its graceful shape and comfortable taste for years. It has been produced at the largest volume of its grade in China, and has taken a lead for its advanced production process. It has been granted many titles in tobacco industry at provincial and national level: in 1987 and 1989, it was awarded the Product Prize of National Best Sold Products; in 1989, it won the golden medal at China First Food Exhibition; and in 1990, it gained the Excellent Prize at the Show of China's 10-Year Packing Achievement.

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