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Brand Embassy

The American version of Embassy was produced by P. Lorillard beginning in 1947 as a non-filtered brand. It has long since been discontinued.

The English version of Embassy is produced by W. D. & H. O. Wills, a division of the Imperial Tobacco Group. Its first incarnation (non-filtered) was made until the 1950s. The modern version of Embassy was launched as a coupon brand in plain and filter in 1962; the filter version was Britain's top-selling brand from 1964 until 1970, when it was overtaken by Player's No. 6 (at its peak in 1967, Embassy Filter commanded nearly a quarter of the cigarette market).

Embassy Gold (a mini-sized cigarette) and Embassy Regal (of an intermediate width) were both launched in 1969, while Embassy Extra Mild was launched in 1974. Embassy King Size (renamed Embassy Number 1 the following year) was launched in 1976, after the British government changed the way it taxed cigarettes. Prior to the mid-1970s, cigarettes in Britain were taxed by weight, meaning that king-sized cigarettes were more heavily taxed than regular or mini-sized.

1976 was the first year that Embassy sponsored the World Snooker Championships. Embassy also sponsored the World Darts Championship beginning in 1978. These sponsorships were banned in 2005 after British government restrictions on tobacco advertising took effect.

In Canada, Embassy was produced by Imperial Tobacco Canada, who launched the brand in plain, filter, and menthol filter in 1964. While the plain and menthol versions had been discontinued by 1972, the filtered version of Embassy continued to be sold until the mid-1980s. Imperial still produces Embassy Cigarette Tubes (for roll-your-own purposes) to this very day.

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