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Brand Darshan Classic Bidis

Kretek International, Inc. Companies with an asterisk previously had approved plans for other brands that are not listed below. The plans were revoked for those other brands because the plans called for the importation of cigarettes with the health warnings on stickers rather than permanently imprinted directly on the packaging. The importation of such cigarettes became illegal on December 9, 2000. Darshan Bidis, manufactured by Dhanraj International in a joint venture with Kretek International, are now available in a hard pack. The new hard pack bidis are called Darshan Classic, and made with their very own blend of flavors. The Darshan Classics are manufactured in Surat, Gujarat, India, with specially-flavored, aged Indian tobacco and hand-wrapped with Indian Tendu leaf. The Tendu leaf, obtained from a tree that grows wild in the forests of Central India, is used because it has all the characteristics of good wrapper material: large size, pliability, compatible flavor with tobacco, and most importantly, it is available in abundance. The bidis are filtered using an acetate material common to cigarette filters and come 20 to a pack; ten packs to a carton.

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