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Brand Dallas

Dallas cigarettes are very popular among those who enjoy smoking cheap cigarettes of good quality. Dallas cigarette brand fully satisfies such demands as these cigarettes are produced by a well-known manufacturer (which is Rothmans International, a division of British American Tobacco) which guarantees their high quality and their price is really a moderate one. Also in July, 1998 sales of another cigarette brand with "american blend" tobacco started in Russia - "Dallas lights" with low tars and nicotine contents. This cigarettes are made at new joint tobacco factory "Rothmans-Nevo" in Sankt-Peterburgh. Dallas cigarettes are now manufactured mostly in Russia where the brand is one of the leaders of the cheap segment. Dallas cigarettes are especially popular in Saint Petersburg and the neighboring regions (as the factory is situated there). These cigarettes are also actively exported to Finland. Only carefully selected tobacco blends are used to manufacture Dallas cigarettes. They are available in two main flavors - Dallas Classic and Dallas Lights. While the first are quite strong and even harsh, the Lights are much milder and easy to smoke. Another advantage of Dallas cigarettes besides their low price and strong manufacturer reputation is the attractive package design and very smart advertising policy. Before the ban was imposed considering tobacco advertisements in public transport, Dallas cigarettes used this media mostly to communicate to their target audience. Because Dallas are really the cigarettes for the masses.

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