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Brand Bisonte

Travelers to Toledo, Spain will marvel at the medieval splendor of the Cathedral, the narrow streets where a pedestrian had better slip into a doorway to let even a small car pass by, and the fresh clean appearance of a very old city. Smokers can buy their cigarettes in tabacos, smoke shops where all forms of tobacco are sold or at one of the many newsstand kiosks that stay open later into the evening. Nowadays Spanish smokers prefer trendy American blend cigarettes like Marlboro and Lucky Strike, but traditional brands like Bisonte are still available. Bisonte was originally introduced in 1934. There isn't any clever or camp outdoor tobacco advertising for tourists to take pictures of, but smoking is still a popular adult pleasure and is allowed in restaurants and other public areas. Bisonte and the other brands available to Spaniards cost about half what a comparable brand sells for in the US.

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