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Brand Bentoel

Bentoel is a traditional Kretek manufacturer since the thirties of the past century. Bentoel is actually the name of the root of the cassava plant. The Founder was before not very successful with his former clove cigarette brands and only after dreaming of a "bentoel" a holy man told him to rebrand his clove cigarettes under this name.The Manufacturer has a fine aromatised Kretek, the clove content gives a slight spicy and fruity aroma. Driven by innovation, Bentoel started to buy machines in 1968 to produce machine made clove cigarettes. It took them six years to get the clove content right to achieve there characteristic taste in filtered clove cigarettes. Filtered clove cigarettes before that time have been handmade Kretek whereas the filter was attached by hand during the rolling process. The first produced machine-made kretek was Bentoel"Inter Biru".
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