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Brand Baisha

The brand of Baisha has been regarded as the No.1 tobacco brand in China.The cigarette output and sales volume of Changsha Cigarette Factory under Baisha Group, a large-scale state-owned enterprise in Hunan Province, exceeded one million cartons (50 billion cigarettes) separately in 2003, with the sales volume topping in the country for consecutive two years.

Shen Erli, CATC Vice President, pointed to Baisha light boxes at bus stops in Beijing. You cannot simply conclude that they are tobacco ads, he said. While the ads are for Baisha, they don't promote tobacco companies under the Baisha Group, and the words and images in the ads are different from those found on Baisha cigarette packs. He added that as Baisha Group is also engaged in pharmaceuticals, logistics and culture dissemination, these ads promoting the Baisha brand name are deemed lawful.

However, among 1,200 people polled by the NTCO in Beijing, 67 percent of the adults and 50.6 percent of young people identified these Baisha ads as tobacco ads. This shows they are tobacco ads in effect, Yang said, and therefore should be banned.

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