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Tobacco Directory

  • Cigarette - read about cigarette.
  • FORCES - Your gateway to public health frauds in science and politics on smoking bans and other matters of public interest; Education, News, Scientific Information, Culture, Entertainment and Humor. In 2004, FORCES, Inc. was granted a 501c3 Educational non profit status.
  • Smokers Rights Newsletter.
  • Smokers History - History of the Conspiracy Against Tobacco.
  • Smoke Eater - Industry professionals from various air pollution control manufacturers offer information about residential, commercial and industrial smoke eaters.
  • - Meet with people who share your interest.
  • Sacred Narghile - The Sacred Narghile is 6-year old non-commercial information-only site on all aspects of hookah (shisha, narghile, water-pipe) smoking, including the health aspects. It is committed to actively fight scientific obscurantism in this field.
  • Cheap Cigarettes Guide online. Review review the most of popular online tobacco stores.
  • All Cigs online tobacco store.
  • - the army of smoke
  • Cigarette Price Watch - Keep track of cigarette prices in the United States and around the world.
  • Tobacco Smoking - Are you committed smoker or just quitted? Tobacco Smoking offers you the opportunity to be in the swim of smoking news and statistics, cigarette prices and other interesting facts about smoking!
  • Kiwi Cigs - in this cigarette online store you can buy high quality cigarettes. Many famous cigarette brands and fast delivery, will satisfy all your desires.

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