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Hi I am researching a play set in 1939 in Britain, I was just wondering if filter cigarettes were widely available then and I also was wondering if they were what colur was it. As there is a smoking ban in Ireland we can only use herbal cigarettes, so i need to know if i can use white filters or orange filters or if i sould just cut them off to suit the period, Any help at all would be really appreciated, Thank you in advance.

The first filter cigarette did not appear until 1936 but, due to machinery constraints, mass-produced filter cigarettes started only in the mid-1950's and started to take off in the 1960's. For a play set in 1939 I recommend snapping the filters off and keeping a shorter, full white cigarette.

I was wondering:


What do those numbers and letters mean specifically? Thank you.

SL - super long (120 mm.)

L - long (100 mm)

KS - king size (85 mm)

S - short (70 mm)

digits - Amount of cigarettes (in a pack)

H - hard

S - soft

B - wide flat hard box

(T) - English transcription of Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Yugoslavian names

Steady Burning...

I am trying, out of sheer curiosity, to find out how commercial cigarette makers get cigarettes to burn continuously even when not being drawn upon. If anyone could enlighten me I would be grateful.

Answer: The cigarette papers, if you look closely seem to be 'striped' they are infact made of thick, thin, thick, thin pieces of paper, and the thick bits burn very slowly, so it burns evenly. This is how I believe it works, however, I'm not sure.

Answer: It is indeed the paper but the lines (known as "verve") are purely decoration. The paper burns at a steady rate and this keeps the tobacco alight.

Where's L&M ?

I can't believe there isn't an article about this hugely popular brand! (At least in Europe it's popular; in fact, I believe - though I am no expert - that among Philip Morris' brands only Marlboro outsales L&M.)

There was even no internal link within the Philip Morris' page until I added it, just now.

Why is that?

It is listed under "LandM"

Maintainers of the site do not manage to add information about all existing brands. If you have any information regarding this particular brand you are welcome to contribute and share it with other Cigarettespedians. Your help and contributions are always appreciated.

Lucky Strikes

Know anything about Lucky Strikes besides that the filter and lights were discontinued in the US? When are they coming back? After all the slogan is "AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL." Doesn't make much sense that not all varieties of Luckies would be available in America. Also, if I want to get Lucky filters where is the best place to order them? I have ordered cigarettes online before and they never came - confiscated by customs. I know they are now controlled by British American Tobacco as a global drive brand and non-filters are still available. What I don't know is.. Can you get filters in Canada?, what is a reliable online ordering site for Luckies without a significant risk of confiscation?, and is anyone reading this on the inside? Do you know something that the general cigarette smoking population doesn't about Lucky Strikes? Basically I'm really annoyed that I can't get Lucky Strike filters or lights anymore - they are my favorite!

Cant find St Moritz

Can anybody tell me of a country in the EU (except UK) that stocks St Moritz Menthol.

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