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Yesmoke Cigarrete Factory [Turin \ Italy]

At the precise stroke of the advent of the third millennium, Yesmoke was born in a little town in the Swiss Alps.

It was originally an online shop that sold the most popular premium cigarette brands; it quickly became the Number One online shop in the world.

And then, at a certain point, those "bravi ragazzi" (Good Fellas) of Yesmoke, decided to move from the Swiss Alps to North West Italy, to Settimo, in the suburbs of Turin.

And at Settimo, on August 7th 2007, 7 years, 7 months and 7 days after Yesmoke’s birth, they inaugurated a model cigarette production factory, identical to those of multinational cigarette manufacturers.

They employed expert tobacco blenders in this factory and they have created Yesmoke cigarettes.

The tobaccos used in Yesmoke cigarettes come from 6 different countries and they are basically three types: Toasted Burley, Virginia (Flue-Cured) and Oriental. A specific combination of these three tobaccos makes up the so-called "American Blend", the most widely used in the world.

Size of the plant: 14,000 s/m

Annual production capacity: 10 billion cigarettes (500 million packs of 20 cigarettes, 1,000 40-ft. containers)


Company Name: Yesmoke Tobacco S.p.A.
Address: via San Giusto 5, Settimo Torinese (TO) Italy
Zip: 10036
Tel: +39 011 8211653
Fax: +39 011 8211925

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