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* [[BrandAlpine |Alpine]]
* [[BrandAlpine |Alpine]]
* [[BrandAscot |Ascot]]
* [[BrandAscot |Ascot]]
* [[BrandSalisbury |Salisbury]]
[[Manufacturersb |Manufacturers b]]
[[Manufacturersb |Manufacturers b]]

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Benson & Hedges (Canada) Ltd.

Benson & Hedges expanded into Canada with the opening of a branch in Montréal, Québec, in 1906, having already opened up a branch in New York City in 1899. For its first five decades, it mainly specialized in manufacturing and selling cigars in the Canadian market; the cigar manufacturer J. Hirsch and Sons of Montréal was acquired by Benson & Hedges Canada in 1927.

Benson & Hedges (Canada) Ltd. was incorporated in Canada in 1934. The company was run independently from its English parent; as such, it was bought by Philip Morris by 1958, four years after they bought the American branch. After being taken over, Benson & Hedges began to expand into the Canadian cigarette market, this move being facilitated by the opening of a cigarette factory in Brampton, Ontario, in 1961. Early brands manufactured by B & H Canada include Ascot, Henley, and Lancaster.

Philip Morris faced a unique situation in the Canadian market place. Early in the twentieth century, Philip Morris had established a Canadian subsidiary, but it was later bought by the Tuckett Tobacco Company, which in turn was acquired by rival Imperial Tobacco, which continue to hold some of Philip Morris' most famous trade marks (including Marlboro and Philip Morris, among others). That notwithstanding, Benson & Hedges Canada launched Philip Morris' Alpine and Parliament in the early 1960s.

Benson & Hedges Canada bought out Canadian Tabacofina Ltd. in 1962, giving it ownership of their Belvedere and Mark Ten brands, as well as C.T.C.'s plant in Montréal.

The company was purchased in 1986 by Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada, creating the company Rothmans Benson & Hedges; at that time, it was Canada's second-largest cigarette manufacturer and 40 per-cent. owned by Philip Morris.

Surviving Brands (still made by Rothmans Benson & Hedges)

Former Brands

Manufacturers b