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There are plenty of methods which help people to quit smoking. Everyone, who has already experienced that, have chosen the one suitable for him. Below you will find a new, quite extraordinary theory of quitting. Although this can be your way to win the addiction.

quit smoking

Quit smoking exactly at the moment you decided to quit. Not earlier, not later.

If you used to have, for example, forty cigarettes a day, be ready to struggle with forty strong urges to smoke every day. In case you don't feel it, you are just keeping down your real desires. Don't do that! For sure you will have the necessity to smoke 40 times a day. If you carry on pretending that it is not true, finally you won't be able to handle the situation. You will light up a cigarette at the moment of temptation.

Therefore don't conceal the real situation from yourself, but remember and think of it constantly. In such a way it will be easier to overcome the addiction. You should remember that you always have the possibility to choose. Every time when you have a desire to take a deep drag on a cigarette, just confess: “I do want to smoke”. Don't try to cheat yourself, but better go to the forest and scream at the top of your voice: “I want to smoke”. Afterwards say to yourself: “But now I prefer not to smoke.” It is always up to you – to smoke or not to smoke. And in every concrete moment your choice will be not to smoke. The most important thing is to make the right choice all 40 times a day. With time, the desire to smoke will come rarer and finally, it will disappear completely.

As you used to do before, have your cigarettes and lighter with you, as it will encourage you to be sure that you really have choice and you are responsible for it. Remember that nobody can take cigarettes away from you, depriving you of the possibility to choose. When a person is missing something he is eager to have or when he is deprived of that something, he becomes bitter and even pissed off. You are not an exception. It will be difficult for you to escape this feeling while quitting as well. So, when it happens, you just say to yourself: “I have my cigarettes and lighter with me, nobody can tell me not to smoke. I can smoke whenever I want, but now I prefer NOT to. You should live for the moment, without trying to predict what will happen in 5 minutes. Refuse to have a cigarette at every concrete moment, but not for the whole life. Every time you decide not to smoke, think about the benefits of being a non-smoker. Just remember how much you put at hazard your health, smoking cigarettes.

Never try to substitute smoking with anything else. Otherwise it will be the same suppression of desires, which is not helpful in this case. You don't have to eat more and oftener, to chew constantly the gum or suck lollipops to quit smoking. You shouldn't sleep more than usual or abuse alcohol drinks. Do not gnaw your nails or nibble sunflower seeds or invent any other things to distract yourself from the desire to smoke. If you do something which is not in your character, just confess: “I really don't need it. The only thing I need is to smoke.” Even if you start to feel the desire to smoke again, you know how to behave. This time you choose not to smoke. And it is not necessary to become a sportsman or a fan of healthy lifestyle just because you decided to quit smoking, Don't go too far, if it doesn't agree with you. Your aim for today is to quit smoking, the rest can be postponed by tomorrow.

Don't try to escape meeting your smoking friends or the situations, where you are tempted to smoke. If, for example, you associate a cup of strong coffee with smoking, it doesn't mean that you should stop drinking coffee. Try to enjoy it, in spite of your incredibly strong desire to smoke, because you know what to choose.

Remember the most important thing: one drag and all is lost! Smoking is addiction, which can be revived even after the 5 years of withdrawal with smoking just one cigarette. Don't forget it as well as the fact that you are the person who is supposed to choose.

So now, if anybody offers you the best cigarettes in the world, your answer will be: “Thank you so much, but I don't smoke”.