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Brand Vanity Fair

Until 1961 the Stephano Brothers tobacco company made their cigarettes in the heart of Philadelphia. This large multi-story factory was a source of pride for the Stephano family members who still owned and managed the company that had been founded in 1895 by their grandfathers. However, by the late 1950's the rising cost of materials handling had become an acute problem. Mr. Constantine Stephano, Assistant General Manager, stated in a tobacco trade magazine interview that the downtown Walnut Street plant had become a luxury. Stephano Brothers shifted manufacturing to the United States Tobacco Company's factory in Richmond, Virginia beginning December 1960. The pastel colored Vanity Fair cigarette was replaced by multi-colored Vogue. Vogue was Stephano's most expensive cigarette, mint green Frappe was a menthol brand, and Marvels a bargain priced smoke.

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