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Brand Swisher Sweets

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Two brands accounted for about a third of all cigar smokers aged 12 or older: Swisher Sweets and Black & Mild, which were each preferred by about 17 percent of cigar smokers. As noted earlier for cigarettes, brand preference for cigars was more concentrated among adolescent and young adult current cigar smokers. Together, Swisher Sweets and Black & Mild were preferred by half or more of these two age groups. Black & Mild, Swisher Sweets, and Phillies accounted for 69.7 percent of cigar smoking among youths. Black & Mild was the choice of 36.7 percent among 12 to17 year olds, Swisher Sweets was the preferred cigar brand for 24.3 percent, and Phillies cigars were chosen by 8.7 percent of this age group. After those three brands, the next highest was Garcia Y Vega, which was preferred by 2.2 percent of adolescents.

Among 18 to 25 year olds, Black & Mild (26.8 percent), Swisher Sweets (21.8 percent), and Phillies cigars (7.2 percent) were chosen by 55.8 percent of current cigar smokers (see Table 7.5 in Appendix G). Other popular choices were Garcia Y Vega (5.4 percent) and Macanudos (4.9 percent).