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Brand Ronhill

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Manufactured in 1979 in hard packaging, Ronhill was the first cigarette in this family. It is intended for consumers who desire a stronger cigarette with a special flavour.

Ronhill Lights and Ronhill Lights 100's

Ronhill Lights were the first light cigarette on the Croatian market; it is also the best selling national cigarette. It was launched in 1994 in hard packaging. It is made up of an American blend, with a mild flavour and a pleasant aroma. Ronhill Lights 100’s, manufactured in 1996, were the first Croatian 100’s cigarettes, distinguished by an attractive design and the same tobacco content as Ronhill Lights.

Ronhill Ultra Lights Ronhill Rich

“Ronhill” is manufactured by the famous and leading Croatian tobacco company “TDN”, which is the same company that produces the “Respect”, the “Avangard” and the “MC” brands

The youngest member of the Ronhill family. Launched in 1997, this cigarette was well accepted on the Croatian market. Its characteristics are a significant decrease in the amount of tar and nicotine, a specific flavour, a pleasant aroma and modern design. It is manufactured in hard packaging.