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Brand Regie Turque

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Regie Turque cigarettes are produced in Turkey, king size (85 mm) or short (70 mm), wide flat hard box , 20 cigarettes in a pack.
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Smoked this cigarette many years ago for quite awhile. At that time , it was unfiltered and had an oval shape. The inner lid also made reference to Jockey Club and winning various gold medals (turn of the century- 1890's). I don't know about the quality these days however, if you're into good tobacco(Turkish Blend)- this is one of the best cigarettes I have ever smoked(my opinion). Because of the blend , it is an acquired taste and also the aroma is definitely Egyptian/Turkish. You know this cig is good when after smoking them for awhile , your cigarette fingers starts to turn a mellow orange-brown from the blend's nicotine content.Enjoy!