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Brand Papastratos

Papastratos Cigarette Company. The principal activity of the Company is the manufacture and marketing of cigarettes under the following brand names: Marlboro, Assos International, President, Old Navy, Cosmos, Saga, Sante and Papastratos. The Company sells its products in Greece but also in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and America. Group companies include Papastratos Romania, Papastratos Ukraine and Papastratos International BV (Holland).

Philip Morris International has acquired the Papastratos Cigarette company in one of the largest buyouts in Greece. The 371-million euro deal should improve the Greek company's international presence and, according to company sources, "ensure the company's long-term future." For many years Papastratos has been manufacturing Phillip Morris's Marlboro brand in Greece. With the acquisition, Phillip Morris will add the Assos, President, and Papastratos brands to its fold.

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