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Brand Pall Mall (Butler & Butler / A.T.C.)

Pall Mall was introduced in the United States in 1899 by Butler and Butler, a small tobacco company that was acquired by the American Tobacco Company in 1907. American Tobacco retained the brand when their monopoly was broken by the U.S. government in 1911. Pall Mall was made in both Virginia and Turkish styles; an American-blend version was made as early as 1937. The regular-sized version of Pall Mall was eclipsed by the introduction of the king-sized non-filtered version in 1939. (Go to Brand Pall Mall.)

Pall Mall was also made in Canada by Imperial Tobacco Canada as a Virginia-blend, regular-sized (70 mm) cigarette; it was available in plain-end and cork-tip. A king-size, non-filter Virginia version was introduced in 1957. The Virginia-blend Pall Mall was discontinued in 1961, when Imperial Tobacco started manufacturing the king-sized non-filter American-blend version of Pall Mall.

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