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Brand MC

The innovative packaging design of the MC cigarette, which has a range of valuable international awards behind it, was recently crowned with one of most significant awards in the world of design - the Red Dot award. Among more than 4000 works submitted from 40 different countries, the expert jury recognized the innovative MC cigarette packaging. The innovative and recognizable design of the MC cigarette packaging is based on a silver box, inspired by the foil that we normally find on the inside of the packaging. A minimalist frame with information was added to the impressive silver background. The silver foil associates us with all the technological trifles that represent an imperative part of today’s tempo of life such as mobile telephones, palm pilots or laptops; and therefore ideally reflects the spirit of youth and modern consumers who know exactly what they want.

Alongside the Red Dot award, the MC cigarette packaging also won the Merit Award at the Art Director’s Club in New York and the print award for IF Communication in Hanover . The success of MC, and the new MC White, is proven in the well accepted advertising campaign in all regional markets, including Slovenia. The success of these campaigns additionally confirms MC as a brand that lives in harmony with the times. Cigarettes M