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Brand Jin Ling

The Russian variant, USA Blend, are 12mg Tar and 0.8mg Nicotine. They are a very smooth and enjoyable smoke which many smokers find particularly moreish. Described as USA Blend, I believe this refers to their Virginian taste rather than, for example, a taste akin to Marlboro or Camel.

Jin Ling cigarettes are produced in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, In king size (85 mm), soft or hard pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack. A Jin Ling Slim variant has also been seen on the market in some European locations.

As mentioned there are a number of known manufacturing locations in Europe, however the Baltic Tobacco Factory in Kalingingrad - Russia is known to be the main production facility.
The brand has become so popular in Europe, particularly Germany and the United Kingdom that Chinese manufacturers have been seen to counterfeit the brand.

Within the tobacco industry, the brand is often referred to as a 'Cheap White', 'llicit White', or 'Generic brand'. This is due to the fact that there is currently no legal market for it within Europe.

As of Nov 2011, Jin Ling is still one of the main smuggled brands in Europe.

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