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Brand Furongwang

Furongwang Family.jpeg

Furongwang cigarettes are produced in China, king size (85 mm), soft or hard pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack. Baisha and Furongwang - the two core brands respectively owned by Changsha Cigarette Factory and Changde Cigarette Factory - have long been well-known high-quality Chinese cigarette brands.

Furongwang is the top-leading cigarette brand in China and is normally demanded by higher-class businessmen and top military officials. They sell in low quantity as it is on the premium side, and a carton of Furongwang Gold can cost as high as Rmb10,000 or more. Furongwang cigarettes are often seen as a mark of class and status, and smoked in clear view of others. The taste is uniquely fine (similiar to Havana Cuban) and different from commercial cigarettes like Salem, Marlboro, etc.

While graduates in China could only afford cheap Chinese cigarettes or foreign commercial cigarettes as monthly income is about Rmb1,500, there is now a growing market in the States for such premium cigarettes in Chinatown, where a pack of 20's sell for USD20. A lot of Furongwang is now exported to such growing affluent markets.

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