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Brand Doina

Before 1989 Eminescu's "Doina" had been forbidden in MSSR; however, there existed and still exists a street by this name, which ends in the biggest cemetery (also called Doina) in Chisinau. The Doina cigarettes have their counterpart in the cognac of the same brand-name. 'DOINA Lux Premium' is designed in cigarillo form with specific construction of combined filter reducing content of harmful agents in tobacco smoke.

'DOINA Lux Light' has more refined aroma and strength below medium due to use of special ventilated filter and has low content of resins and nicotine.

'DOINA Lux Classic' is the basic mark of the given line that has rich and distinctive aroma and medium strength; resins content is within the permitted limits.

'DOINA Lux Menthol' by special technology the acetate cigarette holder undergoes a process of mentholization that adds menthol aroma with cooling effect to the cigarettes.

All brands 'DOINA Lux' have their unique originality and by quality they are the best tobacco products producing in Moldova.

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